Friday, March 14, 2014

Reverse Your Diabetes

While researchers are still trying to reverse diabetes, there is growing evidence that natural cures are already available to reverse diabetes. The reason is very simple. Most diabetes is directly caused by lifestyle. People today have poor eating habits and rarely exercise. This is the magic combination that was caused diabetes to become an epidemic.

One basic point to consider is the fact that the 85-90% of diabetes cases are caused directly to poor eating and exercise habits. If science can reverse diabetes one simple question to ask is, how long will it last if the diabetic does not change his or her lifestyle habits? It’s kind of like liposuction.

The most promising technology to reverse diabetes is stem cell research. This will likely expand now that President Obama enacted laws expanding the areas of allowed stem cell work.

To date researchers have been successful at reversing diabetes in mice using stem cells. The cells were taken from the pancreas in the early stages of development. The cells were then injected in the mice. A few days later the cells began to act like normal non-diabetic cells. The study lasted for 3 months and during the time of the study the immune system did not attack the stem cells. Unfortunately they could not determine how long it would last. More research is needed to determine if the mice really had reversed their diabetes.

One issue for science is how do you find a cure for many different ethnic groups that have diabetes? Researchers would then have to study each ethnic group to be sure this will work for all of them. While the study increases the hope for science to find a cure for diabetes there is still much more work to be done in the eyes of science. If they can reverse diabetes in mice then humans may not be that far off. The next step for the researchers is to study primates.

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