Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How Do I Stop Smoking Weed-Roadmap

I was thinking of ways to help people with the question how do I stop smoking weed when I remembered when I was back in those shoes, trying to discover a way for myself.  Thats when it dawned on me.

I remembered seeing on of those quit smoking sites, where they had this section that detailed certain landmarks, like after a few hours your lung capacity begins to rise, after 3 days the physical addiction is gone, after a few months your lungs start to heal themselves, etc… and I thought it might a similar thing for people who are trying to quit smoking weed would be useful.

I remember that I had kept a pretty detailed journal of the experience when I quit smoking pot.

So here is how I experienced after I quit smoking marijuana.  for people wondering, “how do I quit smoking weed,” here is an answer.  Look at this chart of how your life will improve, focus on the landmarks, and set them as goals for yourself to help you stop smoking weed.  If I had had this when I tried to quit weed, it would have been a big stop smoking help.

Learn how to stop smoking weed:  http://impartialreviews.org/quit-marijuana-guide/

24 hours: the acute effects had completely worn off

3 days: I could feel my thoughts start to get less crowded

1 week: My normal appetite returned

2 weeks: My moodiness and short temper had completely disapeered

1 month:  The cravings substantially subsided.

1.5 months: I began to learn how to have experiences and thoughts I once only thought after smoking weed.

3 months: I felt completely normal, I felt I had really made it over a big mountain.  Though I still wanted to smoke weed, as I would have with any activity I enjoyed, I no longer felt like I needed to.

So this is some major stop smoking help I wish I had gotten back when I was wondering, “how do I stop smoking weed?”

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